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Your Guide to Globally Minded Businesses

Fukuoka+ For Everyone is an easy to use, informative, interactive, and free directory service. And a lot more.

Always a free service for visitors to the site, Fukuoka+ is a directory where you will find a range of trusted, globally minded businesses, services, job listings, local events, and relevant news that you can easily access in English. Powerful search functions let you zero in on what you need quickly. 

Fukuoka+ will save you time and money. Many businesses offer you a special for mentioning!

We hope that you will stumble upon some interesting businesses that you had never seen or heard about before.

This directory is designed for newcomers, visitors to Fukuoka, as well as longtime residents.

Pro Business Member Benefits

Build trust & grow your reputation through sharing:

  • The Fukuoka+ PLUS Shop is where each member offers an exclusive B2B discount  or free service to the other members.
  • Take advantage of these special deals. Then, post reviews and help each other by offering feedback.

Grow your revenue with Fukuoka+ 

  • Enhance your business model and expand your market
  • Gain visibility with business members & the public

Expand your network with Fukuoka+

  • Be part of an interactive community that values sharing
  • Attend exclusive Fukuoka+ Pro events
  • Interact online via direct message

Save money and time with Fukuoka+

  • Find trusted globally minded vendors when you need them
  • Get local event information
  • Post job listings for free and reach an international audience
  • Shop for “PLUSES”

Spend just ¥91/day for a Pro Business Membership, FAR LESS than the cost of a building and running your own dedicated website, hiring business consultants, sales leads.

It’s less than the cost  of a daily can of soda!

Fukuoka+ Values

  • Fukuoka+ is designed to build trust and prosperity among the Fukuoka community and our membership. The main concepts we advocate are sharing, transparency, and integrity.
  • As a trusted business directory, we reserve the right to reject Fukuoka+ membership applications from businesses that do not match our community standards and values.
  • We are passionate about building a useful, easy-to-use online directory and community that adapts to the needs of our visitors, members & partners.
  • Our website strives to be fast, responsive, and visually appealing. We try to offer all the functionalities that our members need to make their listings effective, and that our visitors can readily access 24/7.
  • We will never use pop-ups, annoying advertisements, spam or anything similar on our website.

Fukuoka+ Core Team

Bruce Haendel, Co-Founder & Community Manager: Based in Fukuoka since 1985. Director of Open Mind, KK. Professional services to worldwide client base including web, text, copy writing, media, and tourism. Co-organizer and host of popular weekly Business Casual Meetup in Tenjin with nearly 600 registered members. Bruce joined Fukuoka+ to share his love for his adopted home and its great people of all nationalities.

Fukuoka+ Team Bruce Haendel

Bruce Haendel

Community Manager is where you will find Trusted, Globally Minded Businesses

Fukuoka+ is THE business directory for Fukuoka.

We hope that you enjoy browsing Fukuoka+ and look forward to hearing from you.