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Sep 11
#3: Josh Galyean Photography

I began photography when I got my first iPad 3 3,355 days ago. I fell in love with taking photos right then and there and editing through an app instantly...

Aug 09
#2: Open Mind

In 2014, my wife Ling and I established a unified entity that would encompass our diverse range of projects. With my background in ...

Jul 23
Health Coaching

Telemedicine and Healthcare Solutions Introduction Working as a doctor in the Emergency Room of a major hospital has presented me with many challenges. […]

Jun 11
Machine Translation vs. Professional Translation

While machine translation can be a convenient tool for basic translation needs, Japanese businesses[…]

Feb 12
#1 Y&E Custom Designs

Back in the beginning of 2021, after a year of the pandemic, I started thinking of new ways to make an income. Teaching in the private sector...

Feb 05
Business Casual – Weekly Event on Tuesdays

Business Casual is a weekly gathering in Tenjin, the heart of Fukuoka. It takes place at "Off Broadway"...

Sep 22
Why join a business directory?

While social media makes our lives a little easier (or it serves as a wonderful distraction from what we actually need to do) the digital age is a better time to be listed in a local directory than ever.

Sep 08
Fukuoka+ Event & Special Listings

The Fukuoka+ Team is proud that JALT, the Japan Association For Language Teaching, a national organization with several thousand members, has chosen Fukuoka+ to host their dedicated ...

Jul 23
City Guide: Fukuoka Plus’ Top 5 Beaches

This summer, we want to encourage you to take full advantage of the incredible beach destinations Fukuoka has to offer. Ranked most accessible from the city to least, we ...

Jun 26
Remote Work Area THINK SPACE @Broadway Café Bayside

Luis believes that in order to be successful you always need to go with the times. Innovate! Most people are getting tired from being at home, and are looking for a safe place to work and get creative.