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Can you share the story behind the inception of your business?

In 2014, my wife, Ling, and I (Bruce Haendel) established a unified entity that would encompass our diverse range of projects.

With my background in business communication services in Japan dating back to 1985, and her involvement in Japanese sports since 1995, we sought to streamline and expand our endeavors.

Thus, Open Mind, KK, a Japanese stock company, was born, allowing us to merge our activities efficiently.




How did you arrive at the choice of your company's name?

In this instance, I entrusted the task of naming to my wife.

She named our business “Open Mind.

Given my business’s emphasis on strategy, sales, and marketing communications, the name seamlessly aligned with our ethos.

This name allows us to delve into creative endeavors, expanding our services to assist a variety of international projects.




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Who constitutes your target audience, and what value do you offer them?

We are redirecting our business communication focus towards Fukuoka’s small and medium-sized enterprises so that we can continually provide services to this sector.

We offer an array of additional services, such as Hakata Foodie Experiences for inbound tourism, but Open Mind’s core essence revolves around people and business communication.



What are the primary challenges confronting your company?

Open Mind‘s growth has been predominantly organic, relying on referrals and word of mouth among a small number of large corporations and partners dealing with governmental organizations.

In the realm of Business Communication Services, we are grappling with a new landscape where companies wish to promote in English, yet funding for promotional endeavors has dwindled. 

To address this, we have transitioned our focus towards SMEs. 

We would like more advocates who will champion our track record of assistance to Fukuoka’s largest corporations and government promotions, so that we can expand into covering a greater number of small projects for more private organizations.

My wife, Ling, has an established reputation as a distinguished national team athlete in China and national-level sports coach in Japan which drives referrals, and she has high visibility with her website and listing. 

Her challenge lies in sourcing capable assistants to match the surging demand. 

The tourism portion of our business is exploding right now, and we will need additional team members to address the demand for personalized, guided tours.





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What does the future hold for your company?

We aspire to furnish more and more services that contribute to the resurgence of Fukuoka’s economy, relating to business communication, sports, and tourism. 

Our primary goal is to strengthen our core business among the SME community, which is lacking in English-language media support and international marketing capabilities. 

We can offer affordable help in both areas and we’re ready to expand.





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