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Please tell us how your custom designs business came to be

Back in the beginning of 2021, after a year of the pandemic, I started thinking of new ways to make an income. Teaching in the private sector in my area wasn’t going well, so I wanted to try something new.

I have always been big on DIY and customizing. So I decided to start my own custom designs service.

During my childhood I learned a lot of carpentry skills from my grandfather, the house I currently reside in was reformed by my wife and I.

One evening I saw a laser engraver, a mini CNC machine and a 3d printer on sale. I took it as a sign that maybe I should go back to crafting and customizing and see if I can turn it into a business.

After lots of research, trial and error and good old fashioned elbow grease I am here now with my custom designs company.

How did you choose the company name?

The company name wasn’t difficult, the design of our logo was a lot more time consuming. 

Y&E Custom Designs name comes from my wife’s and my first name initials, and the custom design comes from my desire to create superior custom laser engraved and 3d printed products.



Who is your target audience and what do you offer them?

Well, my target audience is everyone!

I cater to all areas or at least try to. From a friend trying to get a custom engraved item for a gift to a company looking to 3d model and print their prototype parts.

So you can say that my audience has broadened, but the original mission has not changed.


What are the biggest challenges your company is facing?

My largest challenges have been getting started and finding the area of products and ideas that sell.

Also sourcing quality material has been a challenge that never ends. But honestly the challenges are what make this kind of work more compelling for me.


What is your company’s outlook for the future?

My outlook for the future is to grow the company, as I imagine most business owners do. I want my company to grow annually in profits and notoriety.


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