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JALT 2022

Learning from Students, Educating Teachers—Research and Practice


11-14 Nov 2022

Starting 9:00


Fukuoka, Japan

International Congress Center

JALT’s 48th Annual Conference on Language Teaching and Learning & Educational Materials Exhibition

This event is taking place now!

About JALT

JALT is the Japan Association for Language Teaching, a non-profit organization. JALT promotes excellence in language learning, teaching, and research by providing opportunities for those involved in language education to meet, share, and collaborate.

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World Class Language Teaching Conference in Fukuoka

The Japan Association of Language Teachers (JALT) is hosting its 48th annual conference on language teaching and learning as well as an exhibition of educational materials, on November 11th to the 14th at the Fukuoka International Congress Center.  

JALT is a volunteer-led, non-profit organization (see that is dedicated to bringing together language teachers from both Japan and abroad, where they can share their latest ideas on how to improve their craft as teachers, to learn more about how to reach their learners, to discuss some of the latest developments in second language education, and to simply enjoy the company of dynamic educators. 

JALT2022 is a great opportunity for local language teachers


If you are a new language teacher and in need of new ideas for your classes, or if you are a veteran teacher with a wealth of your educational experiences, JALT is for you.

This is a great opportunity for teachers in Fukuoka, who might not always make that long trip to Shizuoka or Tsukuba, to experience the energy of this year’s conference.

Many of the people who attend are often working hard at their jobs as teachers, but feel a little isolated. This has been even more of an issue in the recent years of the measure taken as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

JALT offers you the opportunity to meet like-minded people who have create a community of support and sharing.

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“I remember as a new teacher in Japan that after a few months in the classroom, I had hit the wall and was out of ideas. I heard about JALT and went to see what I could learn. I came back not only with new ideas, but a new network of professional colleagues. Over the years, I continued to attend JALT, and many of the best ideas for teaching and classroom research have come from being in the organization. Not only that, many of my best friends are in JALT, and I enjoy seeing them and catching up in person at the conferences.”

Workshops, Presentations & JALT Junior

November 11 kicks off with a series of workshops led by leaders in education and research. 

Attendees will get new ideas and insight into finding out how to craft better lessons for your own particular teaching environment.

Over the rest of the weekend, there will be plenary presentations from notable teachers and scholars, such as:

  • Jim McKinley (University College, London)
  • John Creswell (University of Michigan, USA)
  • the critically-acclaimed author Karen Hill Anton
  • Ryoko Tsuneyoshi (University of Tokyo)
  • Professor Emeritus Kensaku Yoshida (Sophia University)
  • Emeritus Professor Sun Yilin (Seattle Colleges, USA).

Clickable Links:

Series of workshops

Plenary presentations

JJ’s reduced conference fee

In addition, attendees will be able to attend a wide range of concurrent presentations, workshops, forums, and poster sessions, including many presentations by specially selected featured speakers, focusing on all aspects of language teaching.

Teachers of younger learners should check out JALT Junior (JJ), a two-day conference within the main JALT International Conference that offers a unique and specialized professional development experience for teachers who are primarily teaching young learners.

JJ includes presentations, innovative materials, ideas, storytelling, and professional support for teachers of younger learners from ages 2 to 18.

JALT hopes that JJ’s reduced conference fee will be attractive to many of our colleagues who teach children in public and private schools.

If you’re only interested in browsing teaching materials, access to the conference’s 1320-square-meter teaching materials exhibition is free of charge. It is open Saturday (9-6) and Sunday (9-3:30).

Read details here.


Family-friendly & safe

This is a family-friendly event, with a room set aside to offer a nice getaway and safe space for families attending the JALT2022 international conference.

Childcare options will be available. Also, one guardian or caretaker may accompany you at the JALT2022 conference without charge if you would like to have someone available to:
  • assist with childcare
  • help with accessibility issues
  • provide you with necessary assistance

In addition, the conference organizers have taken serious measures in accordance with the guidelines established by prefectural and national government for preventing the spread of COVID-19, with masking, hand sanitizers, and a special air filtration system installed at the Fukuoka International Congress Center.

Please contact JALT Central Office for details about these programs.

Clickable Links:

Childcare options

One guardian or caretaker


Something for everybody

Also, don’t forget to visit the Educational Materials Exhibition where you will find opportunities for hands-on inspection of hundreds of textbooks, games, and more — a chance to find the perfect something for your teaching style and classes.

So whether you’re a relatively new teacher or a seasoned veteran, you’ll find something to take back to your classes. 

Specials for JALT2022

While you’re in Fukuoka for the conference, check out these special deals and events!


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Classroom Horror Stories – Interactive Comedy Show!
International Bar Lounge & Art Gallery
Broadway Cafe Bayside (near the conference venue)
Off Broadway Burger + Bar
Club Phase 3
Club Reign Fukuoka