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Customers with phoned-in, online, or without reservations:

Be assured of a significant discount on seating at checkout when you say "Fukuoka Plus desu" at the door!

Fukuoka+ is proud to be the only internationally-focused entity authorized to promote Theater 010,

Experience the world-class artistry of 'THE BOX,' a renowned creative team based in New York, at the Immersive Theater on the 2nd floor.

Dine in style as you watch their latest production. Immerse yourself in this mysterious and emotionally charged experience, unique to Fukuoka.

New Opening Hours
[Business days]
Tuesday-Thursday 19:30-25:00
Friday & Saturday. 19:30-24:00
0:00-3:00 MIDNIGHT DJ LOUNGE at BAR010

[Closed on Sundays and Mondays]

Please check the website for details.

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