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Awajishima Burger has 43 stores nationwide, all of them starring the wonderful onions of Awajishima.

Yes, the leading role is played by sweet ripe onions from Awaji Island. We use juicy patties made from 100% beef, all carefully crafted to go well with our onions. Ours is a superb authentic burger that uses the freshest domestic ingredients such as locally-farmed lettuce and tomato.

The 100% beef patty, fluffy buns, and ripe onions from Awaji Island combine to create a delicious Awaji Island burger. You gotta try one! 

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    • Fukuoka+ Bruce Haendel
      October 6, 2022 at 16:03

      Always in search of a great burger, this shop just appeared out of nowhere in our neighborhood. The signage alone is mouthwatering… Was not expecting the basic burger and onion rings to set off bells and make the heavens roar in my brain, but by golly, this super-fresh combo did it. I absolutely LOVE these burgers, so much so that I haven’t gone beyond the basic one. So, no cheese, no bacon, no avocado… It’s PERFECT the way it is, so why mess with perfection? And A Set is the only way to go. Onion rings!

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