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Whether you are a business owner, freelancer or citizen, if you are connected to the international business scene in Fukuoka, chances are that you have heard of the weekly "Business Casual" Meet-up at Off Broadway's Burger + Bar in Tenjin. Held on Tuesday evenings since 2016, this English-language Meetup event is free. RSVP on

The Business Casual Meetup is THE place in Fukuoka to network, share and exchange business ideas and experiences, get valuable advice and maybe even find new business partners!

This year, the Business Casual group is celebrating the Year-End-Party ("Bounenkai") at Off Broadway Cafe, located at the beautiful Hakata Bay.

Total attendance is limited to 40 guests, 10 tickets are reserved for Fukuoka+ Members!

Event Summary:

  • End of the year / Bounenkai Party for Fukuoka's international business community
  • Answers to life, business and dreams in a post Covid-19 world
  • Enjoy meeting a diverse array of business people
  • Attendance is limited to 40 guests from Business Casual, Fukuoka Plus, and more
  • Organized by: Luis from Broadway Cafe & Kiyoka From Nippon Bridge LLC
  • Venue : Off Broadway Cafe - Bayside Place, Hakata Port, Fukuoka
  • Fee: 4,000 JPY per person (Pay at the venue if you are a Fukuoka+ Member)
  • Food & Drinks: Snacks and drinks (wine, beer, high-ball, soft drinks etc.) will be served
  • RSVP by 7th Dec - Please contact your Fukuoka+ Team for one of our 10 reserved tickets
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  • December 12, 2022 6:30 pm - 9:30 pm Ended