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Cafe & Bar Brisa do

A very special Brazilian café & bar in the Minato area of Chuo Ward, Fukuoka City, offering cuisine and snacks with ingredients that are good for the body. This is a place where time seems to flow slowly, as if it were a pathway for gentle breezes. It is also a hidden gem café of Bossa Nova singer Naomi Samejima. Come by and you may hear a song or two. We don't speak English well, but no worries!

Mention and get a free refill of blend coffee.


◆ Brisa do Plate.....¥1,200 (excluding tax)

〇 Today's handmade dressing salad

〇 Spice and herb chicken

〇 Three kinds of small dishes

〇 New moon rice ・The dressing is made from seasonal vegetables. ・Organic rice full of energy harvested "at the new moon and sown" at the foot of Mt. Takamanyama (also available for purchase).

◆ Today's gateau.....¥600 (excluding tax) ・Baked with love using seasonal fruits and ingredients.

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  • July 26, 2024 03:16 local time

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