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Sumiyoshi Cigar Club: The bar with the lowest turnover rate in Hakata? Come in. Stay for a while... enjoy the slow passing of time.

The sophisticated architectural design fills your senses with Japanese comfort.

An indoor garden that sits peacefully.

A space away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Carefully selected sake from all over Japan.

The owner's commitment is to offer only the finest cigars from Cuba.

We were so focused on comfort that we have become the bar with the lowest customer turnover in Hakata.

We are here for adults who know how to enjoy life's pleasures.

Master: Nobuyuki Miyagawa

Moved to Fukuoka from Yonago, Tottori  for Cigar Club Sumiyoshi.
In addition to his extensive cigar knowledge, he is well versed in all areas of rum, whiskey, cocktails, and coffee.

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    21:00 - 03:00

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    21:00 - 03:00

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    21:00 - 03:00

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    21:00 - 03:00

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  • June 17, 2024 01:21 local time

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    Nobuyuki (Nob) Miyagawa

    Our message to the Fukuoka+ community

    Come enjoy the bar with the lowest customer turnover rate in Hakata.

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