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Makiko-sensei established CommSkill with the aim of making it convenient for dedicated learners of Japanese to enhance their spoken and written language skills, regardless of their busy schedules.

Her business Japanese graduates are experiencing remarkable growth in their networks and sales.

At CommSkill, we specialize in providing private Japanese lessons. We now offer practical Japanese lessons in both casual and formal styles to international clients. Our exceptional programs are designed to enhance your ability to effectively communicate in Japanese, whether for business or leisure. Contact us today and embark on your learning journey with us!

Under the leadership of Makiko-sensei, the head teacher at CommSkill, we offer online and offline Japanese classes specifically designed for non-native speakers. Since our establishment in 2016, based in Fukuoka, we cater to learners of all levels through personalized classes tailored to your individual needs and proficiency.

About Makiko-sensei:

After graduating from Keio University Faculty of Law in March 1996, Makiko worked at Yasuda Fire and Marine Insurance Co., Ltd. (currently Sompo Japan Insurance Inc.) and Miyazaki City Hall, engaging in sales, general affairs, public relations, and financial operations. In October 2016, she established CommSkill Co., Ltd., where she currently serves as a director. After completing the Japanese language teacher training course in May 2018, she has been involved in Japanese language education at Japanese language schools, vocational schools, and corporate training. Currently, based on her experience in private companies, local public organizations, and running her own business, she works as a business Japanese consultant for foreign executives, receiving high praise for her private lessons. She is highly regarded by clients from 20 countries around the world.

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