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The shop that you discover,  and are pleasantly surprised because you were not  even looking.
DOVER,The memory of the shop will stay with you; you have seen nothing like this before.
DOVER Itoshima.  A pocket full of paradise.  The Aloha you can take home with you.

A local Itoshima-baseed, small family owned art school, gallery, leather factory, and zakka shop.

Since 2008

Down in
old Shima town
in Itoshima city
is a 90 year old

Soon to be
14 years ago
a young family
started a shop
and a brand.

the cornerstones
are the leather
handmade bags
and goods.

“Create your dreams,
create your memories “

of family sewing

Thank you for sharing,
our success
has always been
word of mouth.

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    James Dover

    • Fukuoka+ Bruce Haendel
      September 28, 2022 at 16:12

      Last summer, I lucked out and visited Dover while an evening concert was just starting.

      The soulful music put me in a good mood to purchase a painting on impulse. So, I did. Was able to use PayPay! Got myself a fine work of art that hangs on the wall at the head of our bed.

      This kind of immersive gallery experience is memorable, and it’s all within reach in Itoshima. Don’t deprive yourself. Dover is a living treasure, ya’all. Go see him!

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