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Coastal Rowing is a fun way to explore the beautiful small islands and otherwise inaccessible beaches around Imajuku and the Itoshima area.

We provide top-of-the-line rowing boards imported from Europe. Each boat (board) can carry one or two people.

Experienced rowers can row on their own or be accompanied by our guides.

First-time rowers can take a one-hour lesson and then row with our instructor.

Guests will then be guided to row to a small island (Nokonoshima) to visit the local cafes and craft shops, or to a secluded beach lined with pine trees to have a picnic.

Imajuku Beach is only a 5-minute walk from Imajuku Station. From the city center, it only takes about 30 minutes.

From Imajuku Beach we can row to various small beaches and small islands.

The whole rowing experience should take about 4 hours.

We operate in collaboration with a windsurfing center that provides lockers and showers.

As your host, I will share my experience in Japan and elsewhere, about marine sports, business ventures, career advice, and life in general.

(I was a senior executive and have wide and deep experience in several industries, in the UK, China, Hong Kong, and Japan) I have many years of sailing and rowing experience.  I know the area well and I speak multiple languages, so I can host and guide and provide you with an excellent experience.

Be sure to bring clothing suitable for boating ( you will get wet) plus a towel and a change of clothing.

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