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Working with Japanese companies and organizations since 1987. Current company was formed in 2012. Our academic background is in environmental, nutritional, and computer science. We've been working with a broad range of clients in three primary areas: tourism (adventure travel), SMEs (arts and crafts), and science and engineering.

Some of our major clients: JNTO, JICA, METI, MEXT, Reconstruction Agency, JA, JAL, ANA, Toppan, Dentsu Tech, Recruit, Elle Japon, AOL, ESS Japan (Oakley), Denso, Toyota (Philippines), Tamagawa University, Bandai,, and BrandLoyalty.

Our work goes hand in hand with Japan's tradition of emphasizing the symbiotic relationship between human communities and the natural environment. While many agrarian and fishing communities throughout the world share a similar history, we believe that Japan's cultural tradition of "satoyama" has a special and important place in the future of humankind.


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