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Meraki has a 4-year history of success in implementing and running telemedicine and other healthcare solutions. We have worked with over 50 clients in the private medical and life insurance fields. Meraki was born in Brazil and expanded to Japan in 2020.

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•Understand where you are with your health and what your goals are
• Work on your intrinsic motivation (do it because you want to, not because you’ve been told to do)
• Create a custom wellness plan with realistic actions

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    Dr. Marcella Sarti

    Our message to the Fukuoka+ community

    Health Coaching

    Working as a doctor in the Emergency Room of a major hospital has presented me with many challenges. Heart attacks, strokes, respiratory complications, you name it, I’ve seen a dozen. But after some time, something started bugging me. It was the realization that most diseases I was treating could actually have been prevented. To my surprise when I started talking to the patients, I learned that most of them had never been told about prevention by their doctor. I saw an opportunity there, and decided to do something about it. Now with over five years of experience in prevention and a specialization in Health Coaching, I believe I have a great skill set to help anyone achieve their best form.

    As a health coach, I can help you excel at living your life, even if, or especially, if you have a chronic medical condition. By leveraging the medical knowledge of a doctor, with communications, change in mindset and intention setting, I can help you create goals and strategies on how to achieve your best self.

    As human beings we are far from perfect, but I want to help you find equilibrium. My approach is not about extreme diets, splurging money on devices and programs, no black or white routines. Instead, I am focused on helping you get back in touch with your body and its cues and getting to the root of your habits so you can get back in control of your health. The goal is finding the balance that works best for you and re-empowering you when it comes to your health.

    What I can help you with:

    Weight loss, stress reduction, management of chronic conditions, improving exercise, addiction cessation or adjusting after a life altering event such as a stroke or heart attack and more.

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