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Night Botanical Garden - Organized by International Fukuoka Japan

Come experience the Fukuoka Botanical Garden like never before- At night!!

A night of Global Cuisine and Fun! For kids and adults alike!

Featuring food trucks, hot wine, live music, and activities for children!

Co-organized by:
- Nico Kids International
- Chikyu no Kodomosha (Children of the Earth House)
- Association of Environmental Artists
- Chika Takatori Research Institute, Kyushu University
- Minna no Botanical Garden (& Green)

- Hibiya Kadan Co.
- Sun Mart Co. (In Core Group Hibiya Animes Co.)
- Mikasa Corporation
- Mr. Tak Deli
- Beach Boyz Kitchen

We're super excited about this event series. The main goal. To give everyone a chance to experience the Fukuoka Botanical Garden at night. But the biggest thing we aim for is creating a space for international exchange.

We want this to be a fun spot for everyone - kids, adults, people from all countries, speaking various languages, and of all ages. Our mission is to provide a place where everyone can enjoy themselves. Think of it as a global gathering spot, starting this month.

We're looking forward to making these events even more amazing with the help of people who are all about hospitality. Can't wait to see you there! Thank you!

Ayaka Onoda, one of the organizers, is also an official TED speaker and will be hosting grand projects involving people from all over the world in the future. If you want to meet Ayaka, or if you're looking to expand your connections with Japanese people, please come!

The next event is on Saturday night, March 23rd, we will enjoy delicious food and drinks while viewing the cherry blossoms at night.

In addition to two food trucks, the cafe inside the botanical garden will also be open!

Enjoy a show by the professional performer, Mr. Tak!

Ticket Price
  • ¥1,000 including 1 drink
  • Children up to middle school get free entry
Event Category
Upcoming Date
  • March 23, 2024 17:00 - 20:00 Ended