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An American pianist and musician who has been performing professionally since the age of 20, Pianoman Darrell is a front-line entertainer who has performed in hotels, bridal chapels, concert halls, on luxury cruise ships, and in open-air venues. Having been raised alternately in Japan and the U.S., he is fluent in Japanese and well versed in both cultures.

Darrell's singing and piano style ranges from soft jazz to energetic pop. His most appealing feature is his ability to arrange familiar songs in a way that makes them sound fresh. He is able to perform freely to accommodate the venue, people, and purpose of the performance. In addition, his extensive knowledge of music further draws the audience into the live performance.

He is also an established radio DJ for the radio station LOVE FM and has many fans. He has also interviewed foreign artists and leading Japanese artists (such as Keisuke Kuwata of Southern All-Stars). His many voice-overs and commercial songs have been aired on numerous occasions and have become so familiar that they can be heard all over Japan and even sometime globally.

In 2016, he initiated the "FROM LOVE" project to support the reconstruction of Oita, Kumamoto by creating an original song. He has been supporting the victims of the disaster with the 100% of the proceeds from the sale of CD, T-shirts and donations created with the help of 100+ people including radio DJs, TV personalities, narrators, musicians, and other technicians based in Fukuoka.

Currently, Pianoman Darrell's discography includes seven albums. In response to requests to sing Japanese songs as well, he produced the "Made in Japan" series, each an album of English cover versions of Japanese music. When creating the English translations, we tried to preserve the atmosphere of the original songs well while feeling the Japanese culture and the meaning of the Japanese lyrics.

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    Darrell Smith, Pianoman

    • Fukuoka+ Bruce Haendel
      September 29, 2022 at 11:20

      Darrell is a multi-talented musican/singer/producer/songwriter with a heart of gold. In fact, I’m forever indebted to him as he performed to a large crowd at our wedding party a million years ago. And he continues to grow in fame as a “talent” while maintaining his warmth and compassion, steadily raising funds for the practically-forgotten victims of the earthquake in Kumamoto.
      I’m all for supporting Darrell, he makes Fukuoka a better place!

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