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Quality Detailing Garage announces QDG to go!

Mention Fukuoka Plus and save 15% anytime with Quality Detail Garage!

Our team will travel to your location and apply COATINGS or DETAIL your vehicle, without having to bring your car in! Drive off right away all detailed out, or in an hour, if applying a strong ceramic coating!

Quality that lasts:

We leverage our extensive experience and advanced application techniques to transform your beloved vehicle into a pristine state. With meticulous surface preparation, we bring out the full potential of glass coating's brilliance, transparency, and dirt-repellent properties. By hand-washing and removing iron particles, pollen, and wax residues adhered to the body, we prevent unevenness and paint detachment. Our application of high-hardness silica coatings like Quartz Shine Glass ensures long-lasting resistance against dirt accumulation.

Detailing brings out the clean and shine in your lights, engine room, interior, exterior, wheels, and your car A/C!

Give us a call today in English or Japanese!

PS- We can also take your car through the entire SHAKKEN process without crazy dealership prices!

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  • Fukuoka-Minami By-pass, 1-11 Hanmichibashi, Hakata Ward, Fukuoka, Japan

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  • June 16, 2024 23:52 local time

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