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Kamaboko is made by carefully kneading minced sea bream, molding it one by one, and steaming it. This results in a crunchy texture and a rich flavor.

Carefully finished with the traditional skills of our craftsmen, Tateishi Kamaboko makes delicious "Hakata kamaboko." We use only the best quality Itoyori sea bream surimi and carefully select ingredients and vegetables for our Hakata-age. We use traditional methods to make the best use of the ingredients.

No eggs, wheat, milk, or soybeans are used in the kamaboko. (Excluding some products such as cheese tempura and half-boiled egg tempura)

Our "Hakata-age" is made with Itoyori surimi, and the sweetness is moderated to suit the palate of Hakata people, in line with the local dish "Gameni".

"Hakata Shunkan" has been popular as a celebratory kamaboko in Hakata since ancient times. Marriages, birthdays, ridge-raising, and other important celebrations.

Order online or visit our shop in Chiyo-machi!

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    Saemi Kawaguchi

    • Fukuoka+ Bruce Haendel
      December 2, 2022 at 20:36

      This shop has been a Hakata treasure for 90 years! I tried 10 different items and they all were superb! The soft-boiled egg kamaboko is a real treat! The croquettes were all wonderful, too. Can’t eat cheap ones from the supermarket anymore! Saemi-san is also a fascinating person. She speaks English, Japanese, and Korean. Highly recommended!

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