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We want to share the taste of Oita Karaage (deep‒fried chicken)  and chicken tempura...
There are many chicken-based specialities in Oita. All of them are extremely simple, delicious and cheap.

Our predecessors have accumulated many cultivation methods and cooking techniques.
At “Torian”, we are protecting this knowledge, making it evolve even further, and showing it to the world.

We use carefully selected high‒quality chicken that is safe to consume.
Chicken delivered from partner farms and contract factories every morning is quickly stocked at the store, and then the ice temperature is controlled in the refrigerator according to Torian's original quality control standards.

The sauce is the deciding factor of the taste

The characteristic sauce, the deciding factor of the taste, is based on local soy sauce from Oita, blended with dozens of spices, and plenty of garlic, ginger, onions, apples and more.

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