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Wakazakura You resides on the site of the former Wakazukura no Yu, a public bath that dates back over 140 years ago, to  the Meiji Period.

Don't worry, even though we've kept the shower heads, mirrors, pools, and external chimney  intact, you can dine in a lush, tropical environment with a  high ceiling that's built right over the ruins of this historic public bath site!

Choose from Myanmar, Thai,  and Vietnamese signature dishes. Though the spice level has been toned down, our chefs and many waiters are from SE Asia, so our dishes are authentic.

Come down and explore Little Asia, a trip to points beyond where you don't need a passport!

Mention for a free soft drink with your order!

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    Ishibashi, owner

    • Fukuoka+ Bruce Haendel
      October 4, 2022 at 13:15

      I was so excited to finally get to a Myanmar restaurant, having visited the country 35 years ago, and not a trace remained about the cuisine. Had to get to this place in Yoshizuka! My Burmese-American buddy rode with me, and we ordered using his wisdom and experience. I thought it was lovely! Service was friendly, but a bit under-staffed, and it wasn’t super-cheap, but rather a great value considering it’s so exotic and key ingredients are all imported! Best of all, what a wild place to eat, in a converted Meiji-Era bath house! This part is unforgettable! So cool!

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