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Do you have any of these concerns?

“I want a promotional webpage for my Fukuoka business that can attract more international customers… but I need help with the tech side… I’m concerned that:

☑ Webpages are too expensive… 

☑ I don’t know exactly what to do for promotion…

☑ I don’t even have time to start thinking about a digital strategy…

☑ I don’t know who to turn to for these kinds of online solutions…

☑ It’s beyond me, I’m not a tech guy…”

Here are 3 reasons to choose Fukuoka+


Your professional, responsive English webpage on Fukuoka Plus serves as your business listing for the international market.

Fukuoka+ will create your professional, customized English-language webpage. Feature-packed and fully responsive, it displays beautifully on mobile or desktop. Make your business known around the world at an extremely low cost. Link your page to your Instagram, Facebook, or Google listings. Ask us for a QR code to add to your business card, posters or flyers.


Get total support for your online media challenges from our global production and marketing team. 

Consult us anytime regarding tech challenges. Our team of global marketing professionals will propose the optimal plan for you at a special price exclusively for Fukuoka+ members. We also handle media in other languages upon request.


Together, we are a community of global-minded companies and people.

Fukuoka Plus enables you to find new clients and partners AND get special access to discounts as a Fukuoka+ Member.  Our viewer base is growing all around the world. Together, we are actively contributing to Fukuoka’s economic growth.

Strengths of Fukuoka+


Our experienced global marketing professionals have assisted companies such as TOTO, Panasonic, Toyota, Iwataya, Canal City, Kyushu National Museum, Marine Messe, Fukuoka International Convention Center, Bayside Place, and the Tenjin Underground Mall.


The  Fukuoka Plus global team resides in Fukuoka and California, with members from the USA, China, Germany, and Japan. We provide support from Japanese and international perspectives.

Locally Active

Our team understands the local culture and perspectives. We provide quality support in Japanese or English for businesses who are helping make Fukuoka a better place.

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Business Members
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Frequently Asked Questions

Fukuoka + constantly adds new members of all categories, and hosts specials and event listings that are available with unique features and benefits for our viewers. All you need to do is mention Fukuoka Plus to receive significant discounts and additional perks at a growing number of participating venues.

No. There are no additional costs for using our regular services. You can present your company online through a professional English page for the low initial cost of the creation fee and basic monthly fees.

First, contact us through the inquiry form below. The FUKUOKA+ support team will provide you with suggestions tailored to your service from an international perspective.

Yes, in addition to standalone listings, Fukuoka + now offers supplementary content in the form of Event Listings and Special Listings. These enhance your visibility and can be posted for as short as one month or as long as you wish. Pricing is extremely reasonable for Members of Fukuoka Plus.

Leave it to us. At FUKUOKA+, we have established a support system that covers all your online challenges. We offer professional proposals at exclusive prices for F+ members. Feel free to consult with us.

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Now is the time to face the promotional challenges you have been avoiding. "Expand your products or services to the global market." "Support Fukuoka while connecting to the rest of the world."