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Remote Work Area THINK SPACE @Broadway Café Bayside

About Luis Matos

Like many of Fukuoka’s foreign entrepreneurs, Luis came to Fukuoka by pure chance. 
An exchange student in London, then Taiwan, he was enjoying travelling the world “studying” on his university’s dime!

He arrived in Fukuoka in 1990 and opened his first business by 1993! The now famous “Off Broadway” was followed by other less known business ventures of event production, import/export and countless others, making Luis a serial entrepreneur and a Fukuoka “lifer”

“Business is fun” says Luis “it allows you to explore solutions to problems around you, to provide goods and services that did not exist before, and business rewards you with Money”!


“But business is not my first love. I started with a volunteer group (Fukuoka International Friendship Society). We focused on solving problems of assimilation and acculturation that affect the foreign community in Fukuoka. We were well received, learned a lot and the group opened many doors for me that lead to establishing my company.” he told us.

Fast forward 30 years later, Luis has become one of the most well-known and respected members of the international community in Fukuoka. Luis thinks that some who look at his success from the outside may not see the hard work that went into it.

Many also may not know that it took him 15 years after starting his company to get approved for his business visa! Despite ups and downs, he says that his friends, team members and the amount of respect and positive reception he has received over the years keep him moving.

Community Building

IBE / FEPC ( and nameless others, Luis has created group after group in efforts to place the foreign businessman /woman as a viable option in the Japanese business world.

By pure chance, Luis inherited “Fukuoka StartUP”, a Fukuoka group that he renamed “Business Casual.” The support group meets every Tuesdays, 6PM, at Off Broadway in Tenjin.

While Luis also offers professional business consulting services, Tuesdays at 6PM is free advice! (Note: with one drink order, of course)

Luis cannot stand seeing opportunities not taken. So if you have a business idea and need advice, make sure to pitch it to him and the other members of the weekly meet-up! 

“Bring ideas to life!” says Luis.

Managing Covid-19

“Things were not always going great but the Corona pandemic has taken a huge hit on the whole gastronomy sector”. Luis says that the whole restaurant industry is upside down, with an uncertain future. Lockdowns, limitations on alcohol sales and plummeting customer numbers have forced many businesses to close down.

A crowdfunding campaign was necessary to keep Off Broadway alive. “We are so grateful to our local supporters and our friends around the world for their sacrifice. Letting us know that Off Broadway is important to them keeps us going, keeps us innovating and re-inventing ourselves.”

“Staying positive is the key”. 

The Corona pandemic has led to more time at home. It gives you the chance to spend time with yourself. This time can be used to read, to study and to learn new skills.
Luis believes that in order to be successful you always need to go with the times. Innovate!
Most people are getting tired from being at home, and are looking for a safe place to work and get creative. “Working from home” has shifted to “working from remote public places”

Thus, the idea for Think Space was born. 

About Think Space

“In our current times, people are willing to pay a little extra to get a desk and a plug.” says Luis.

The classic internet café is seeing a revival. Except that nowadays fast wi-fi and the internet is available almost everywhere. 

In 2020 Luis re-branded his Bayside venue into Broadway Cafe, uniquely located, offering indoor & outdoor seating and portside view at Fukuoka Bayside Place.

After the first Corona-wave, he decided to turn part of it into “Think Space”, a remote public working space with a great atmosphere, great coffee and an inspiring location.

Think Space offers inside seating, outside seating, self-service drinks, snacks, wi-fi and of course a place to plug in your laptop or tablet.

Luis believes that entrepreneurs need to re-invent themselves during these difficult times.

He thinks that Fukuoka still needs a lot of things, and those with an open mind have the chance to create and change.

Bring your laptop, visit Think Space! You might just have the idea for your perfect business or meet the perfect future business partner!

Think Space Access

  • open 7 days a week, inside Broadway Café (Fukuoka Bayside Place)
  • early session (9:30 to 17:00) is free
  • late session (17:00 to 22:00) is 2000 Yen per person, with drinks included
  • no reservation needed, just drop by!


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    June 27, 2021 at 04:03

    Thank you to FP for establishing this platform for information and communication for Fukuoka’s Intl community.
    I appreciate the opportunity to share my thoughts and express myself.

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