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Creating your PLUS & Using the PLUS Shop

Once you’ve listed your business, creating your PLUS is next. 

Guidelines For Creating Your PLUS:

1. A PLUS is really a finely-targeted B2B ad, aimed at our business member base.

Think of a service, product, or discount that your business WANTS to offer at an exclusive B2B rate ONLY to Fukuoka+ Members, not the general public.

There are essentially 4 ways to formulate your offer: 

1) A product or service you can offer worth at least ¥10,000, such as a demo lesson or free consultation. However, it should be special and exclusive.

2) An exclusive discount on services that requires a purchase, such as a straight 33%-50% off on services,  a two for one, or a three for the price of two deal, etc.

3) An exclusive discount on purchases of goods that requires a minimum purchase, such as a ¥35,000 product for ¥25,000, etc. 

4) A volume purchase of small items (under ¥1000) that results in member savings of ¥10,000 plus tax. Great when showcasing your gift items. This could easily apply to restaurants that host parties or offer takeout. They can offer a variety of dishes at a special rate, which showcases their menu.

2. Always think of the Fukuoka+ Member Community as your potential customers and partners.

Create an exclusive PLUS that they would find beneficial & attractive, as well as something you want them to try.

3. Your PLUS will have a commercial value of at least ¥10,000 plus tax. There is no upper limit.


4. Technical Details:

Your PLUS will need a product image and can have up to 3 gallery images,  one of them can be your logo.

Our team will add your PLUS to the Fukuoka+ PLUS Shop.

We will link back to your business so that prospective purchasers (members) can engage with you directly.

5. You may offer multiple exclusive PLUSes to Fukuoka+ Members if you wish.  And you may offer the same deal multiple times, so our PLUS value will greatly exceed even what we display. This is wonderful!

“Buying” on the Fukuoka+ PLUS Shop

As a registered member of Fukuoka+ with a business listing, you are entitled to partake of ANY and all of the listings on the Fukuoka+ PLUS Shop.

After selecting and “Buying” the PLUS of your choice for 0 yen on our site, you’ll need to get in touch directly with the supplier to work out the details. It’s easy to reach any business through the Direct Message feature, but you may also use email, the phone, the contact form in their business listing or just see them in person.

Any fees would be payable directly to the Supplier, not Fukuoka+.

Each business may list one or more PLUSes that our members can take advantage of. Some will be completely free and others will require a purchase, but ALL PLUSes will be exclusive and not offered anywhere else.

Some PLUSes may not be available more than once per user, but others will, so check the description and communicate with the supplier if you want to get something again.

As a rule, the PLUS Shop benefits are not transferable, but you are free to discreetly ask the provider.

Fukuoka+ does not want to undermine the exclusive benefits that come from being a member of our trusted community, as having access to the PLUS Shop perks is a major reason to become a member.

Once you have sampled the Fukuoka+ PLUS Shop, your task is to write an honest review on our site.

However, if you have had a harsh experience, and your review could negatively impact the business that supplied the PLUS you used, it would be better to first share your thoughts directly with them in such a ways that will motivate the supplier to improve their offering to the point where you would give them a positive rating.

We are a sharing community, and our aim is to lift each other up. 

See actual PLUSes on the new Fukuoka+ PLUS Shop under LISTINGS:

Our long-term vision regarding PLUSes is explained further in this NEWS article about our new team:


brief introduction to the PLUS System is on the “About Us” page:

Thank you


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