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Professional English Websites

Each Fukuoka+ member’s business promotional listing is an independent English website with your own “Our Message” and “News & Offers” sections.

The Event section makes your event easy to find.

We create eye-catching promotional pages for your limited-time specials.


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Business Listing

Full-fledged stand-alone English web page for your business.

A unique URL, high-resolution gallery, map, plus more features to expand your client base and capture the international crowd.

Business Listing & Membership (Special*)

Business Listing & Membership (Regular)

* Special Offer is valid for the first 500 Business Listings.

Event Listing

Full-fledged, stand-alone English web page for your event.

A unique URL, high-resolution gallery, map, and countdown plus more features to make your event stand out.

Special Listing

Full-fledged, stand-alone English web page for your special deal or offer.

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Fukuoka+ Team Bruce Haendel

Bruce Haendel, Co-Founder & Front-End Director

Bruce has been providing business communication services in Fukuoka since 1985.

One Step Ahead

Professional Services for Your Success

Fukuoka Plus researches your existing online assets and retains your branding and messaging while conveying it in a way that resonates with a global, English-speaking audience. We take your basic description, business profile, logo, image gallery, website, video, business hours, contact information, and social media and curate the information into an attractive, easy-to-use listing. Each page is prepared with native English translation and professional copy writing, by international people, for international people.

Production is led by Bruce Haendel, whose nearly 40 years of professional services to large Japanese corporations has been mission-critical for overseas market expansion and customer acquisition. Now, Fukuoka Plus offers these same high-quality professional services at a fraction of the price. This is part of our ongoing commitment to support Fukuoka Prefecture through its Small & Medium Enterprises. Further, we aim to enhance the quality of life for Fukuoka’s international visitors and residents.

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