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City Guide: Fukuoka Plus’ Top 5 Beaches

This summer, we want to encourage you to take full advantage of the incredible beach destinations Fukuoka has to offer.

Ranked most accessible from the city to least, we put together some of the must see destinations to help you make the most of the summer season.

1 Momochi Beach (百道浜) – Momochi

Starting in the city, we recommend visiting this man-made beach in Momochi.

Located next to Fukuoka Tower, this beach offers some of the best sunset views and can be enjoyed all year round.

It’s easy access makes it a perfect day or afternoon trip. It truly comes alive in the summer months buzzing with visitors, restaurants, SUP shops and more.

During summer nights, it is common to see the locals setting off controlled sparkler fireworks. You can purchase the same fireworks at most combini’s and take part in the summer night celebrations!

*Beware that projectile and loud fireworks are prohibited.

This beach is easily accessible by subway or bus. It is about a 20 minute walk from both Nishijin and Tojinmachi station.

Bathrooms: Yes
Restaurants: Yes
Public Transit: Yes

2 Shika Beach (志賀島海水浴場) – Shika Island

Translucent emerald waters and white sand. This beach is located on Shika island, providing a more rural experience without venturing too far from the city.

We recommend taking the ferry to this destination for its gorgeous city and harbour views!

In the swimming months (July-August) two beach side facilities offer cold beer, food,  BBQ supplies, beach equipment including: lounge chairs, floaties, skimboards, beach volleyball and more for rent.

It is no wonder why Shika beach is a popular day spot for beach goers and day drinkers looking to escape city life for a day.

This location is accessible by a convenient 30 minute municipal ferry ride from Hakata port, or 40 minutes on a Nishitetsu bus from Tenjin.

Bathrooms: Yes
Restaurants: Yes
Public Transit: Yes

3 Shingu Beach (新宮海水浴場) – Shingu

This is one of Fukuoka’s most popular beach destinations.

Enjoy the clear waters and white sand buzzing with restaurants, shops, beach facilities and beachgoers in the summer months. This location is popular for its naturally wide beachfront surrounded by pine forest giving it a secluded feel.

If you are looking to stay active, take a stroll through the well-maintained 2km pine forest walking course.

This location is accessible by subway. Shingu beach is about a 10 minute walk from Nishitetsu-Shingu Station.

Bathrooms: Yes
Restaurants: Yes
Public Transit: Yes

4 Keya Beach (芥屋海水浴場) – Itoshima

Next on the list is Itoshima’s most popular beach. Keya is the perfect spot for both a day trip or a full on camping experience.

July through August, this beach is stacked with multiple restaurants, beach toys and water sport rentals. This is truly a must see summer destination.

If you decide to stay for a night or two, Keya campground is located just steps away from the beachfront. It is also conveniently home to Tateishisan mountain. The thirty-minute climb provides a surreal birds eye view of the white sand beach cove and beyond to the famous Keya No Oto cave (accessible by boat).

This beach is accessible by subway. From Chikuzen-Maebaru Station take the local bus to the beach. Taxis are a quicker option, although more expensive.

Bathrooms: Yes
Restaurants: Yes
Public Transit: Infrequent (check Google maps for updated information)

5 Mitoma Beach (三苫海水浴場) – Mitoma

This beach is lesser known but incredible nonetheless.

This destination delivers a more private beach experience. With its vast white sand beach, it is easy to feel like you are the only one there. The excellent morning surf makes Mitoma beach a popular spot for surfers.

This is also a great sunset destination, so much so, that many locals will come to the beach just to say goodbye to the day. This beach is not as popular as some of the others mentioned so it does not offer the same beach side amenities.

Be sure to pack enough food and water. If you happen to forget something, the closest combini is a 20 minute walk. This location is also not regularly maintained so be mindful there may be some garbage that washed up on shore.

Our recommendation is to pack a lunch, lots of sunscreen and enjoy the exclusivity of this almost always vacant beach.

Accessible by subway, this beach is approximately a 15 minute walk from Mitoma station.

Bathrooms: No
Restaurants: No
Public Transit: Yes



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